cert training

School Safety: Advanced Learning

C.E.R.T. training better prepares our school communities to survive a disaster and provides them with skills they can use away from school to help their families and neighborhood to be better prepared. SRS Protection encourages this training for all its employees and can confidently direct members of the community toward this training.

Training curriculum includes:

  • Disaster Preparedness: Instructs participants how to prepare themselves and their community for the various types of hazards that can occur.
  • Fire Suppress: Covers fire chemistry, fire hazards and fire suppression strategies. The course also covers hazardous materials.
  • Medical Ops Part I: Participants practice diagnosing and treating the three deadly killers by using simple triage and rapid treatment techniques.
  • Medical Ops Part II: Cover evaluating patients, establishing a medical treatment area and performing basic first aid.
  • Light Search & Rescue: Participants learn light search-and-rescue planning, techniques and rescuer safety.
  • Team Organization: Addresses C.E.R.T. organization and management principles necessary for a C.E.R.T. to operate successfully.
  • Disaster Psychology: Covers signs and symptoms that might be experienced by the disaster victim and worker.
  • Terrorism: Do’s and Don’ts during a terrorist act and homeland defense tips.
  • Course Review and Disaster Simulation: Participants review the course and practice the skills that they have learned during the previous seven sessions in a disaster simulation.