Fire Patrol Service


Fire Patrol Service

California and the Western U.S. have experienced unprecedented wildfires over the last decade, resulting in extreme losses to life and property. As humans continue to build homes and businesses farther into the wildland/urban interface, these losses will continue to grow, as will the need for fire protection. There are simply not enough federal, state, and local fire resources to protect every fire-threatened area.

Private firefighting companies have existed for decades as an augment to paid government fire departments. These private companies are often called on to support firefighting efforts during prevention, sup-pression, or rehabilitation after a wildfire. As the threat of property loss to a wildfire grows, there is a need for quick response to prevent spread while other firefighting agencies are either still responding, or unable to respond due to higher priority immediate life threats.

As a well-respected private security firm that specializes in protection of both life and property, SRS Protection is well suited to grow into this underserved area. Just like dignitary or property security services requires proper planning, training, and equipment to ensure safety of staff and customers alike, fire-fighting also requires a strong investment in these areas to safeguard life and property during a dynamic situation.

Professional security services are employed to protect what you value most – the people, places and property you cherish.

Protection is a serious responsibility, and our agents take that responsibility personally.

SRS Protection boasts more than 25 years of experience, expertise and specialization in law enforcement, security and fire emergency services management. Over those decades, we have employed our security and fire services for an array of agencies – from the public and private sectors to government municipalities. Combined, our professional agents boast several decades of high-level, high-value experience.

As stated earlier, California and the Western U.S. have experienced unprecedented wildfires over the last decade. We have heard time and again that it isn’t IF a wildfire breaks out, but WHEN. At SRS Protection, we are taking the proactive approach to wildfires by offering Fire Watch/Patrol Services to private businesses with land in high fire areas and government municipalities in areas where wildfire is a continual threat. Just to be clear, we are NOT a private fire department. We are NOT first responders. We do not respond to urban areas or rural areas on 911 emergency calls. That is the responsibility of local and/or state fire agencies. SRS Protection’s Fire Watch/Patrol Services is a supplemental resource for businesses with crops in vulnerable fire prone areas. By patrolling these areas on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis, the goal is to help mitigate fire damage by catching a potential fire incident in its infancy.

At SRS Protection, we want to work collaboratively with our local and state fire agencies. These agencies will know who we are and how we are working within our objectives. As a civilian resource during an incident, our expectations are that our staff will follow directions when provided by the incident and that we will check-in with our local agencies to let them know that we are in the area.

SRS personnel are highly trained in the security profession. Add that with being highly trained in wildland protection, CPR/AED, and First Aid, and we’ve got you covered. SRS fire patrol rigs , including fire pumper, radios, lights, GPS, onboard computer, unit cell phone, wildland tools, PPE, First Aid bag and AED. SRS personnel work within their objectives, training and proto-cols. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, accountability and work ethics. We look forward to working with our clients and getting to know them. The more we know, the better we can serve.