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This course is an approved CCW training course required by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. Students will learn the required training in firearm safety and laws. A certificate of satisfactory completion will be issued to students who demonstrate the knowledge and proficiency. Note: The Utah CCW permit may be good for California in the near future under the National Right to Carry law. Get your permit now to avoid the backlog after the law passes! Topics covered include:

  • Laws and regulations
  • Criminal and civil liabilities
  • Law enforcement contacts
  • Self-defense and the use of deadly force by a private citizen
  • Escalation and de-escalation of force
  • Transportation of firearms
  • Firearms safety rules
  • Types of firearms
  • Safe handling of firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Basic shooting positions
  • Cleaning your firearm
  • Holsters
  • Concealment of your firearm
  • Reciprocity and Recognition (What sates your permit is good for)
  • Currently a Utah CCW permit is good for 35 states. So if you plan on traveling in the future with a concealed firearm, you need this permit. Note: A Utah CCW permit is NOT GOOD for CALIFORNIA.
  • You do not have to be a resident of Utah to receive your Utah CCW Permit
  • Utah is a “shall issue” state. As long as you do not have a criminal background, you will be issued a permit.
  • Utah does not require you to shoot in order to receive a permit
  • Receive your permit within 60 days after you submit your paperwork
  • Utah CCW permit is good for (5) years before you must renew

Fee: $195

We provide all of the necessary paperwork in order for you to apply for a UT CCW permit.

Reciprocity With Other States

In accordance with U.C.A. 76-10-523, Utah will honor a permit to carry a concealed firearm issued by another state or county.

Of the states below that have formalized reciprocity or recognition with Utah, there are some states that will only accept the Utah concealed firearm permit so long as the permit holder is a resident of Utah.

It is the responsibility of all Utah concealed firearm permit holders to know and understand the applicable firearm laws of the states within which they plan to visit or venture. For information regarding firearm laws of other states, please contact the respective authority within that state.

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  • Surrounding areas

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  • We provide all of our security and protection services in the State of Colorado.

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  • SRS is a fully licensed security company in the State of Texas.

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  • We can provide security services anywhere in the United States.
formal reciprocity

States which have formal reciprocity with Utah

Although there are many states that will recognize the Utah concealed firearm permit, the State of Utah has formal reciprocity (written agreement) with the following states (Click on the name of the state for further information):

states that recognize utah ccw

States which recognize the Utah concealed firearm permit

The following states recognize the Utah concealed firearm permit. (Click on the name of the state for further information)

states that do not recognize utah ccw

States which DO NOT recognize the Utah concealed firearm permit

The following states DO NOT recognize the Utah concealed firearm permit.  (Click on the name of the state for further information):

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