Exposed Firearms

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NEW LAW: Effective July 1, 2018, a BSIS security guard registrant seeking an initial BSIS firearms permit must complete an assessment for the purposes of determining whether he/she possesses, at the time of the assessment, appropriate judgment, restraint, and self-control to carry a firearm while on duty (Business and Professions Code Sections 7583.23 and 7583.47).

The specific assessment is the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16pf), which is a personality test widely used in various settings including employers of protective services personnel (e.g., police officers, firefighters and security guards), with scoring standards designed for the attributes specified in BPC Section 7583.47: appropriate judgment, restraint and self-control. In addition, the bureau secured PSI Services LLC (PSI) to administer the 16pf assessment. PSI is an industry leader in administering licensing, credentialing and public safety tests and has 23 testing centers located throughout California where individuals can take the assessment.

The fee to take the assessment is $60.00 and must be paid as part of the assessment appointment scheduling process to PSI.

BSIS - Exposed Firearms Permit

This course is a mandatory training class to apply for the Exposed Firearm Permit through the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs  Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). Must be 21 years old with a current BSIS Security Guard Card,Proof of US Citizenship or permanent residency AND proof of passing the PSI exam. Must bring original document to class. No felony or prohibitive misdemeanor convictions. Classroom training must be taken within 30 days of the firearm qualification day.  BSIS Lic. #1425

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Required Fees:

Exposed Firearm Training


  • Classroom. Special or private class at a higher rate. Initial qualification & primary caliber on application; any additional caliber is $25 each (ammunition costs and range fee extra)

Live Scan: $109

Fingerprint background check. Done at your local Live Scan Company

BSIS: $100

State Application Fee. 

Classroom Training


Please choose your date below:


Must be taken 30 days prior to firearm qualification day.

  • Valid State Photo ID/Drivers License (can not use a driver’s license for proof of legal status. Please bring a copy of the following:
  • Proof of US Citizenship/Legal Resident Status.
  • (i.e. US Birth Certificate, US Passport, US Military ID Card, DD-214,
  • Naturalization Certificate or Resident Alien Card)
  • Be be at least 21 years old
  • Current CA Guard Card
  • Proof of passing the PSI Exam
  • DO NOT bring firearms to class.

Range Qualification

Students must bring the following range equipment required:

  • Eyes & ear protection
  • firearm (revolver or semi-automatic)
  • 2 speed loaders or 2 magazines; firearm & magazine holster
  • 100 rounds of ammunition for the initial qualifying caliber
  • 50 rounds for each additional caliber(s)

Only approved firearms will be allowed at the range. Firearms will be inspected by the range master.

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Firearm Bi-annual re-qualification

Range Shooting & Classroom

Range Re-Qualifications done weekly. Please see calendar or give us a call. Appointments are required and must have current guard card and firearms permit.  You must attend a two hour classroom refresher course before range qualification.

  • Range and (2) hr Refresher Course $85.
  • $25 each additional caliber (does not include ammo or range fee)
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Firearm Permit Renewal

Before your firearms permit can be renewed, at the end of your second year for BSIS, you must complete this training at your fourth re-qualification. (Written test and qualification)

Fee: (does not include BSIS fee, range or ammo fees)

  • $125 for first caliber
  • $25 each additional caliber

Adding a (New) Caliber to your Existing Exposed Firearms Permit

New law: If you would like to add a new caliber to your existing exposed firearms permit, BSIS has changed the requirements to the following as of June 2016:

  • Completion of at least 8 hours of classroom instruction on the carrying and use of a firearm,
  • Passing a Bureau-approved written firearm exam with a minimum score of 85%
  • Discharging 50 rounds a minimum of two (2) times, one (1) round for practice and one (1) round for score.

Course Fee: $275