CPR / AED / First Aid


Be ready for any Emergency

The CPR/AED/First Aid course is mandatory for many jobs. The course meets the American Red Cross qualification requirements for first responders. This two-year certification is performed by professional personnel with real-life experience. You can take the course at our training center, or we can come to you if you have five or more people. Many of our clients include schools, dentist offices, doctor offices, physical therapists, schools, City and County agencies, hospitals and more.

We are now registered with the California Dental Board to provide continuing education credits.

You will receive (4) hours C.E credits as a CPR/AED Professional Rescuer.

  • Basic CPR / AED / FA
  • Professional Rescuers
  • Child Care Providers
  • BLS- Health Care Providers
  • Health Care Provider ( Dental ) C.E (4hrs) towards continue education credit course for Professional Rescuer CPR

Fee: $125

By appointment only, fee is per person EMS

“Are you ready to save a life?”

BLS Authorized Training

Bloodborne Pathogens Course

It’s in the Blood

Our OSHA-compliant Bloodborne Pathogens Training is an online certification program equivalent to a six-hour classroom course that the American Heart Association (AHA), American Red Cross (ACR) and several other training providers offer. This training will help you:

  • Understand what bloodborne pathogens are and why they are dangerous.
  • Understand basic information regarding HIV, hepatitis B (HBV) and hepatitis C (HCV).
  • Learn the routes of exposure, techniques to reduce the risk of exposure, and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Understand what resources are available to employees in the workplace.
  • Respond safely to an emergency at work.
  • Provide guidelines for post-exposure situations.
  • Satisfy the OSHA annual training requirement in bloodborne pathogen.

Fee: $35